What makes a job shop stand out against the competition? Kloss Machine Company, located in Beebe, Arkansas, has two guidelines: deliver high quality products at a good value, and offer superior customer service. It’s no coincidence that owner David Kloss found a machine tool partner with the exact same philosophy – TechMach, the Arkansas distributor of Doosan CNC equipment.

Invest in the Best

Kloss Machine bought their first Doosan (a Lynx 200) back in 2009 to fill a new customer’s need for turning work. David always liked the Mori style lathe, but the Doosan had the same controls and electronics in addition to a much better price. That Lynx is still making chips today, and Kloss has consistently looked back to Doosan’s versatile lineup ever since to expand their production capabilities.

One Part. One Setup.

When David wanted machines with live tooling to get secondary operations off the shop’s CNC mills and finish them in one operation, Greg Battie, TechMach’s Sales Engineer, set him up with a PUMA 240MS and PUMA 300LMC. Both are box way turning centers giving him the rigidity needed for those heavy cuts and a 12-position turret to hold all of the tools he needs.

A New Direction

David purchased his first Doosan horizontal machining center (an HC 400) in 2013. The built in automatic-pallet changer delivers higher machine utilization rates, allowing Kloss to boost productivity in less floorspace. While David admitted to a learning curve for their first HMC, he acknowledged that guidance from TechMach was invaluable along the way.

Vertical Volume

In 2016, the shop added two DNM 400IIs with rotary tables and custom workholding to keep up with the demand for their services. The most recent acquisition was a Lynx 2100LMB to take over the production duties of the original Lynx 200, which is still going strong, but has been “retired” to secondary operations.

Steady Growth

Today, Kloss Machine runs one ten-hour shift per day with a staff of ten. Many of the machinists have 15 years with the company. “We like to keep growth stable to make sure we keep the part quality high,” David commented. “But satisfied customers spread the word and new clients keep finding us.”

Machine Matchups

“TechMach has always done a great job of matching the right Doosan to the volume of business and new applications we are challenged with,” Dave said. “We don’t have a lot of service calls on the Doosans, but when we need them, it seems like TechMach is here in a hurry. They do everything that we could expect from them. Greg has even made some recommendations that have saved us time and money on production and setup.”

If you’re still looking for a machine tool partner in the Arkansas area that gives high value for your money, contact TechMach and join our rapidly growing list of satisfied customers.